“Keem System”
for American Thoroughbred Racing” !!!
You must win at least $1,000.00 
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y now, everybody’s heard of Rutger Keem…the math and statistical whiz from German, who recently released his FANTASTIC
system for Horse Racing in the United States and Canada.  The “KEEM SYSTEM” has been making headlines for weeks!  Just
about every news source has grabbed this incredible story of the famous German Scientist beating the tough game of American
horse racing!
When I say “beating the game”…I don’t just mean making some profits…I mean winning INCREDIBLE amounts of money…day in
and day out…on very small bets!  I mean 60%, 70% and 80% winners…I mean an average of SIX WINNERS each day, no matter what
track you play or the track conditions!!!
But there’s more to the FANTASTIC “KEEM SYSTEM”…
Absolutely NO computers involved whatsoever…and so simple anyone can use it!
100% completely MECHANICAL, with NO personal judgment needed at any time!
Consistent daily profits from all American Horse Racing tracks and Canadian racing!  WITH LARGE PROFITS
Completely different system of selection, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!  Sometimes called the “backward
system”, because the “KEEM SYSTEM” uses… “reverse statistical equations”, a truly remarkable discovery!!!
Rutger Keem has been researching the American horse racing scene for many years.  Fascinated by horse racing in this country many
years ago, when he was visiting New York…to attend a lecture at a major university on statistical logic, Rutger Keem was taken to
Aqueduct race tract by someone else to fill an otherwise boring afternoon.  
He immediately saw an incredible challenge before him!  He made up his mind right then, that given the proper approach, horse racing
was no different than any other scientific problem, and that statistical mathematics would provide the correct approach.
Upon returning to Germany, he wrote a summary paper entitled, American Horse Racing…”A Logical Approach Versus an
“The most powerful system for playing American and Canadian horse racing tracks…
has been released to the general racing public…can racing survive?”
        Quote from James Towers, of “Racing Watch” magazine
Emotional Approach”.  In this paper he outlined his procedure.   He would use something completely different from what others had
tried in the past!  Knowing that all others before him had attacked horse racing from a frontal approach by first finding out what the
actual statistics were in regard to those horses who WON…he would use something never tried before…”REVERSE STATISTICAL
EQUATIONS”.  Very simply, this is looking at the statistical variations of the LOSERS, then by using the elimination process, you will
zero in automatically on the winners!
When you only look at the factors of winning horses you get a distorted view because it doesn’t take into account those horses that had
the same factors in their records but did not win!  In other words, you only see ONE side…the horses that were successful and not those
that lost!  You do not have this problem when you use “Reverse Equations”, because once you eliminate the common factors of the
losers, you only have winners remaining any way!  Another way to put it is…it’s not so much what the winners have in common, as
what the winners DO NOT have in common with the losers!
Rutger Keem has received nothing but praise from over forty different famous math experts and
statisticians!  Donald Phelan, a well renowned math professor, has stated publicly…
What does all this mean to the average racing fan right now?  Incredible profits, thousands of dollars
each and every week, regardless of the track or track condition!  We’re not just not talking about
regular or somewhat consistent profits…I’m talking about an entire process of complete and total
domination of all results during the time the user is applying the “KEEM SYSTEM”!  I’m talking about
results that are completely in favor of the user…IN ALMOST EVERY RACE!  This is possible because the
“KEEM SYSTEM” is based on each separate result and not results over a period of time!!!
The “KEEM SYSTEM” will virtually give you FANTASTIC profits you can count on as regular as the sunrise!  In TENS of
THOUSANDS of results…every 20 plays has shown the most INCREDIBLE profits ever recorded!  And this is at EVERY size
or class of track in the United States and Canada…and remember, THIS IS GUARANTEED!!!
Using the “KEEM SYSTEM” will enable anyone…
even those who have never placed a bet before…
Imagine…always winning at least $1,000.00 on $20 bets…after only 20 consecutive plays!  
This is what’s been happening, based on three years of results… AND SIX MONTHS OF ACTUAL
The incredible results of the “KEEM SYSTEM” has put race tracks, OTB parlors and race books on
notice…keep plenty of cash on hand…THE “KEEM” PLAYERS ARE GOING TO BE EVERYWHERE! 
These were the warnings given by Rutger Keem during a television interview in January of this
year.  During that interview, Rutger Keem said that the results of thousands of fans suddenly using
his “KEEM SYSTEM” would be devastating to racing.  He also stated that based on the past three
years of results…even racing fans with very limited knowledge…would be able to reap the most
incredible profits from horse racing…LITERALLY OVERNIGHT!!!
Now, there are some very important facts about the “KEEM SYSTEM”, that all racing fans must know!  This system is a true winning
system!  This entire concept has been completely researched using the most advanced methods in statistical examination.  This is not
some theory based on how many times winners finished in the money in their last race, or how many days ago their last race was, or how
fast they ran…or any other outdated nonsense from a bygone era.  The entire discovery process of the “KEEM SYSTEM” was based on
proven scientific methods for solving any given statistical mathematical problem.  This is not something that will 
Rutger Keem’s horse
racing method has far
reaching effects well
beyond wagering on
His method of “reverse equations”
will open up new doors into
Statistical Logic, Population
Studies and Actuarial Accounting. 
It’s an awesome discovery!
work only for a few people, or for those that have some special knowledge of horse racing.
The “KEEM SYSTEM” was intended to be used by those who have very little or NO knowledge of horse
racing!  This is a truly mechanical system, which will potentially win LARGE AMOUNTS OF CAPITAL
FOR ALL THOSE THAT FOLLOW THE SIMPLE RULES…and there is no questions whatsoever about it’s
ability to do what it’s intended to do…WIN!!!
$2,970.00 per week…per track…average weekly winnings based on over 12,287 total plays to date!!!
There is not one racing fan who does not want to win.  But with all the absolute “garbage”
being sold, there is no way this can be done.  Research is the only answer in discovering winning
methods and systems for horse racing.  And research based in logic is even more necessary for
success!  Racing fans have been a dumping ground for every possible theory for winning at the
races.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a 300 page book on handicapping or a 2 page pamphlet of quick
pick rules.  The time has not changed in favor of the average racing fan.  The “KEEM SYSTEM”
it can not fail you… believe that!!!
I have no doubt that all racing fans have the desire to be able to finally say they can win at horse racing.  Many fans have been trying for
years to find the winning secrets.  Most fans are told, by the experts, there is no winning secret and that hard work handicapping is the
only way… but those same experts offer thick books on handicapping claiming success by following their theories…while knocking
What is the average fan to think.  Only when the proper research, based on scientific principles of statistical equations is applied by
those trained in thinking along these lines… will winning consistently at horse racing become a reality!  The secret of winning at horse
racing is no secret to those trained in the type of research which is needed to accomplish this task.
Rutger Keem has been doing such research his entire life!  His methods have been used to change the way most insurance companies
calculate actuarial tables!  In 1984, a group of scientists, including Rutger Keem, presented to the United Nations, a more accurate
method of calculating population variations in both developed and underdeveloped countries.  This method is now the chosen standard
by which populations are analyzed in most developed nations of the world!
Rutger Keem is the one most qualified to conduct research on the subject of consistent winnings at horse racing.  AND BASED ON
The “KEEM SYSTEM” is the new standard by which other systems and
methods will be judged.  A new era is unfolding…
and the old losing ways of the past are dying!!!
Many times it is difficult to know which advice to take.  They may all sound the same.  But most of the time, the real answer is to
consider WHO IS GIVING THE ADVICE!  For so many years the so called winning secrets, that have not won for you, have been
The “KEEM SYSTEM” will enable you, to do something you’ve never been able to do
“You must finally ask yourself…what do you
want from horse racing?  Do you want to win
consistently…or do you want to continue to lose?
The question can be answered very simply by
what you do right now!”
coming from those who are all from the same corner.  Just maybe, they don’t really have all the answers.  Maybe it takes someone from
outside to solve a problem that others have been too close to for decades!  Just maybe, Rutger Keem and the “KEEM SYSTEM” IS the
The “Keem System” has been on sale for only a few weeks, to racing fans just like
In addition, many copies were sent to experts in the field of horse racing and
to those who review new ideas.  We’ve reprinted as many as possible below.  Not
one of the letters below was written on our request!
“The Offer Is Simple… You Win or You Will Receive a $2,000.00 Reward !!!”
You must win at least $1,000.00 based o $20 wagers…the first 20 plays using the “KEEM SYSTEM”…or you will receive a $2,000.00
(All plays must be sent with complete information needed to verify the results.  No fewer than 20 plays will be accepted. 
All plays must adhere strictly to the rules. 
The book and results must be returned within 60 days of receipt or refund of fee only).
This is Your Opportunity…Your chance…and Your Action is Needed.  The Choice is
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“Dear Sir,
I don’t know much about math or statistics, since
the rules of your system were so simple, I didn’t
need to.  But I do know when something works! 
The “Keem System” works!  I win money when I
use it, and I mean a lot of money!  I don’t know
why I was given the chance to buy it, but whatever
forces were at work, I thank them, I also thank
you... deeply.” - Bob Walsh, Chicago, IL
Dear Mr. Keem,
I’ve been winning like a fool with this
system of yours!  Don’t know how it
works, but after two weeks I’m over
$4,400 ahead on just $20 bets! 
Never thought this would happen to
me!  Thanks for everything.” – David
Tettleman, Miami Beach, FL 
“Dear Mr. Keem, 
I’m sure you have no idea who I am, but, I do know about you and your discover.  I was naturally
excited when I received you letter about obtaining a copy of your “Keem System”.  After buying
dozens of systems that I thought would turn me into a winner, I expected yours to be like the
others.  I must admit now, I prejudged you completely! Not only has the “KEEM SYSTEM” worked for
me, it’s worked so well, I no longer work for the company I was employed with for over 17 years! 
I never thought I could win such amounts of money so fast!  I just don’t know what to say.  I’ve
always dreamed I would be able to write a letter like this before, but I never thought I would be
able to.  By the way, not only am I always ahead after 20 plays... I’ve never had a losing day in
the entire 26 days I’ve used it!  Thank you very much.” 
Daryl Williams, Long Island, NY   
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